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Once you move it, Busy Buddies takes care of it from there.

Liz Crenshaw  
Consumer Watch Reporter 
WRC Channel 4 NBC
You manage life. 
We manage moves.

   (703) 682-0033 Virginia              Call Today - Get Help Tomorrow!             (301) 385-0191 DC/Maryland
We manage moves.

Since 1994, Busy Buddies has helped thousands of families and individuals with personal moves, corporate relocations, and downsizing to transition to retirement living. We began as an unpacking and settling service and have expanded our services over the years.

We offer:

  • Expert, practical moving advice
  • Support and guidance 
  • Organized and simplified move
  • Chaos-free downsizing
  • Hands on physical labor
  • New home settled in a day

You save:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort
  • Vacation days

You reduce:

  • Stress
  • Lost productivity
  • Disruption of family routine

Your new home is up and running in a day:

  • Sleep in your own bed
  • Wake up and shower
  • Find a pair of shoes that match
  • Make coffee
  • Begin life in your new home
Made it almost painless.

Rebecca C. 
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